There are 250 forms of psychotherapy and it can be tricky deciding which is right for you!

Some of the areas ISTDP and MCEH can help you or your family in are:

RELATIONSHIPS - Ideally your relationship with family and friends should be without tensions. Are yours?


CONFIDENCE- Is your negative self talk interfering with your Confidence?


PRODUCTIVITY-  Work, Sport, Study. Would you like to get the best out of your skills?


ENJOYMENT-  Peace of mind. Does worry, block you from having fun?


HEALTH - Could your poor health be caused by stress and anxiety?


If you have tried other forms of therapy (incl. medication) with little or no success, I suggest you give Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) a try.


ISTDP has good evidence base in resolving symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychosomatic illness and personality disturbances.


It is highly effective in promoting self-understanding and character change.