What to expect in psychotherapy with Rose


People generally seek therapy due to an internal emotional problem they are experiencing that is affecting their life in an adverse way.  In therapy with Rose, moment to moment attention is paid to your experience to monitor and regulate anxiety symptoms and to bring to conscious awareness ways in which you may be blocking emotional experience that leads to your presenting symptoms. Often it is these mechanisms used to block emotional experiencing that lead to symptom development over many years.  
Part of the task in therapy is to work closely with Rose to clarify the defences you are using so that they can become conscious and then can be examined to see how that defence may be hurting you and getting in the way of you knowing your true feelings.  Deeply buried feelings can then be looked at honestly in a safe environment that often results in a melting away of anxiety symptoms, resistances and other symptoms.
Defences can present in many forms including depression, unexplained medical symptoms, headaches, avoidance behaviours, shortness of breath, sudden weakness, dizziness, diarrhoea, nausea, relationship difficulties, ruminative thoughts, obsessive thoughts and detachment.  Often it is these deeply buried painful emotions that are triggered outside of our awareness that result in these symptoms.  Unconscious defences serve the purpose of reducing anxiety and blocking the rise of feelings into conscious awareness.
The goal of therapy is to help you overcome your internal struggle with feelings and emotions about past and present experiences that you find overwhelming.  Emotions, anxiety and defences are worked with directly in session.  Therapy is intensive in that it addresses these hidden emotions and exposes them to you to the fullest extent possible in the shortest time.   This contact with your true emotions gives you an opportunity to make sense of past and present events give your life meaning and direction and allows you to connect more deeply with others.