And when am I going to find the time to look after myself?

" I've got this niggling tightness in my chest".

"I've been to the doctor and had all the tests for heart disease".

'The doctor is suggesting that that I may be experiencing anxiety and stress"!

"the doctor has given me tips on how to reduce stress, but the doctor has no idea of the responsibilities I have"

"When am I going to find the time to look after myself"?

Does it sound familiar? Interested? Read on:

Could there be a problem when we avoid our feelings? Instead of acknowledging our true feelings, we ignore them and shut them down.

Take anger for instance, many of us avoid anger rather than experiencing it, because its considered a 'bad' feeling. Are we getting anger and rage confused?

From our earliest years we are told our angry feelings are 'bad', we then internalise this feeling and our self talk becomes, "Don't be angry", as a result of this suppression of our angry feelings, it causes us to become defensive so we shout instead, ignore or retaliate in some way in an effort to hide our true feelings.are you allowed to feel anger, the feeling you have when someone whom you love, or have a close connection to has hurt you? Tapping into these repressed emotions instead of bottling them up can lead to happier healthier relationships.

There is another way to combat stress and anxiety, and experience real character change with Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). An evidence based short form talk therapy designed to reduce and resolve stress and anxiety, and build resilience to stress reactions.

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